Child Of The King


30 July 2017

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Child Of The King

My shoulders rise like vapour
And gently lean on hope.
Coiled in shells of royalty,
My crown outshines diamond.
They wonder on how there is –
A spring in my step,
A spark in my smile,
A boomerang in my turn.
I try to tell them –
But they fail to understand.


They ponder on how there is –
Eloquence in my word
Euphony in my giggle
And decibels in my silence


They muse upon the way I dance
As if my dress were oil springs,
The way I sing
As if my voice were descending angels.
Over my years of reigning I explicate,
Though they don’t seem to get the sense.


I can run an endless marathon
For my strength lies in weakness.
My beauty resides in the bruises of Calvary.
When I speak to my father – chains break and mountains move.
When I unlock the cage of fear and doubt
The Lion of Judah is set loose.
It roars and roars, slits the veil
Until the gates of hell cannot prevail.


As for my Father, He is who He is
And I am the child of the King.


By Tanaka Munyenyiwa

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