A Message From Micaela


10 June 2018

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A Message From Micaela

My name is Micaela McLeod. I am currently an Upper Six student at the Hilbright Science College Avondale Campus. I have been a student at Hilbright Science College for two years now and am serving as the Deputy Head Girl. My deep interest in the way the human mind functions has led to my aspirations of studying Psychology in the near future.


My mother, who was my teacher from Form one to Form four, always encouraged me to do better than what I thought was my best. I soon realized that there was more literary acumen to be won from reading rather than watching television. The mark I attained was achieved through reading widely, much research and prayer. “Practice makes perfect” as my Grade four teacher would say.


My advice therefore, is read! Read something every day from novels, newspaper articles and periodicals to advertisements which have clever play on words. Then practice what you have learnt by applying it to conversations and your assignment until you discover your own personal style. Success in the English language is a result of exposure so don’t limit yourself. Another advantage is the voice in the classroom that challenges you to do better because she can see the potential that you seem oblivious of. This voice came to me in the form of Mrs Muchayi who drove hard and got results.


Micaela Mcleod

U6 Student at Hilbright Science College Avondale