A Message From Rungano


10 June 2018

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A Message From Rungano

Most people wonder how I obtained an A* in Business during the June 2017 Cambridge International examinations. I have been asked a couple of times how I managed to score the top grade and become top in Zimbabwe. For a certain period of time I also wondered but reflecting on the few months leading to the exams, everything falls into place. I decided to register in February for the May / June exams which left me with only two months to prepare. I had not done paper 3 which contributes 50% towards the grade but in those two months I managed to finish and master it as well as revise the other two papers.


Studying did not become a habit but it became my lifestyle. I knew I had to change my lifestyle in order to scoop a high grade. Reading a chapter a day, going online and going to the libraries to search for every question ever made for that chapter was my new hobby. I would answer many question papers as possible and hand them over to my teacher (Mr. Mbanyele) to mark and scrutinize. This brings me to the other person who contributed a lot.


Mr. Mbanyele went out of his way, staying after school just to coach me for the exams. He supported me and assisted me in many ways to make sure I would be distinct and stand out, which is why I am forever grateful.


Hilbright made it easy for my success as well, providing the best learning and studying environment, the best study material, support and advice. When I wrote that exam, I did not feel like I was alone but I was with my Hilbright family and friends. My parents stood by me all the way. Not only did they provide the finance needed, but also prayers, love and support. They cheered me all the way to the exam room and comforting me when I thought I had failed due to fear. They have been my greatest cheerleaders and support system.


Above all, I made it by the grace of God. Had it not been for God I wouldn’t have made it here. I will forever be grateful to the Almighty for opening the gates for me. I really do believe I do not gain the highest mark in Zimbabwe by myself. My advice for the fellow candidates is to work hard. A low result is guaranteed but the top ones aren’t. You have to work, breathe and live every single subject in order to score the top grades. To be named top in Zimbabwe means you have worked harder than everyone. It is a race so make sure you are always ahead. I will end with my mother’s quote,


‘In order to get extraordinary results you have to work extraordinarily’.


Rungano Motsi is currently Training for a Private Pilot License (P.P.L) with Blue Chip Flight School in South Africa.