How I made It And Became Highest June Accounting Student In Zimbabwe


10 June 2018

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How I made It And Became Highest June Accounting Student In Zimbabwe

I believe my journey began when I received a call from Hilbright Science College informing me that I had been the highest Accounting student in Zimbabwe and I was to receive a national award. This was something unanticipated as I had not even imagined it. Looking back to my time in high school, I have to say I had always been really good in Accounting, ranging in the top three ever since it was introduced in form three. It came as one of the subjects I was just naturally good at like Mathematics. I guess it was always shadowed by Mathematics since it always made me stand out from the crowd.


My high achievement in Accounting was most likely influenced by my positive attitude to school work. I have always respected my Accounting teacher so much so that I could really connect in class and understand what was being taught. It has always been my adage to focus more on what I am good at so that I can produce the best that I can to cover up for areas where I can only be just average. However, I cannot overlook the hard work, constant prayer and steadfast support of my loving mom that saw me reaching to these greater heights. I will have to say the most important decision I made was choosing commercials over sciences at Advanced level, in spite of having scored straight A’s in both fields. Getting As in commercial subjects always seemed much easier than the science subjects.


My advice to students would be to focus more on strengths, follow that direction and always bring out the best you can. Even though we may think we are just average, God has a way of locating people among crowds and letting them shine. I live by the mantra, ‘an open heart, changed mindset, extraordinary achievements.’Whenever one puts their heart in whatever they do, God will do the rest. How I made it and became the highest June Accounting student in Zimbabwe was by the grace God.


Done by Tsungirirai Musekiwa