How I Got 15 Points At 14 - Taida Mapara


25 September 2020

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How I Got 15 Points At 14 – Taida Mapara

Not everyone has the chance to complete high school, but for those who do, the last years are stressful and sometimes terrifying because they determine the next step in your life. I was able to overcome this stress and do very well in my exams because of my mindset and attitude. With the right mindset, anything is possible.


The first time I came to Hilbright Science College, I noticed Cambridge awards awarded to previous students hung on the walls in the admin office. I remember thinking to myself, ‘ before I leave this school, I want to see my name there too.’ With this goal in mind, I had the determination to work hard every day and I was motivated to do my best in everything I did.


Like most people, when I was met with failure, I was discouraged. However, I believed in myself and it motivated me to try again and learn from my mistakes. Believing in myself helped me build my self-confidence which allowed me to overcome the obstacles I faced. It also helped me acquire a positive attitude, which allowed me to be optimistic and not have negative thinking.


Most of you are probably wondering, didn’t I feel pressurized since I wrote A Level’s at a very young age and in a short space of time? To be honest, there was some pressure, but I was able to cope with it because of my supportive teachers and family who believed in me. I always kept in mind that no one is perfect and didn’t try to control the uncontrollable. I always made sure I had time to rest every day and pray. This helped reduce stress.


In conclusion, I was able to get 15 points in my A Level’s because I aimed to get the best grades in my country and not just my school. I was determined to achieve this and I believed I would. Bianca Frazier once said, “Don’t limit yourself to the sky when there is a whole galaxy out there.”


– Taida Mapara