Poem - By Ruvimbo P Jekwa


26 September 2022

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Poem – By Ruvimbo P Jekwa

Poem – By Ruvimbo P Jekwa

My name is girl.
They made me believe I’m worthless
So, I water this heart with my tears
Being a girl means you are hopeless
But today I tell my story
I am a girl, I was born and raised in pain
My mother died in this war
At the hands of her protector, her master


I am a girl
Sent to a strange man’s home at thirteen
Obligated to live with him forever
Confined to a prison, where my only way to escape is to dream
I did not choose this, I did not choose him


That is why I am so wounded
My voice is muffled by his cruel hand
Blood comes out of the wound
But it does not bleed more than heart does
My community cheers, hushes, warns and threatens
The exact reason why my mother died


Today I rebel
I choose a different way
My voice is my weapon
They fear me because I am a girl
I am a jewel
I am the voice of a million women
I have been given a chance
I will not die in silence
Stop this gender-based violence


By Ruvimbo P Jekwa
Hilbright Science College

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