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History Of The School

Hilbright Science College was established from very humble beginnings in January 2007, by Pardon Mugari (Chiefservant). Starting from a two-roomed office apartment in Harare, and initially offering private lessons, Mr Pardon Mugari moved from house to house offering home tuition. During this phase the founder designed experimental kits which were used to teach practical subjects in homes and at the apartment in town.


Over a short period of time, Hilbright Science College expanded to be a household name in Science education due to the unique curriculum it offered to students. Currently operating four campuses in Harare (Marlborough, Avondale and Eastlea) and Mutare, Hilbright Science College has made immense impact in supplying a unique brand of highly practical science students who are morally upright in Zimbabwe and abroad.


More than 120 students are currently studying medicine in universities around the world, having 10 recently graduated from the renowned University of Zimbabwe’s School of Medicine in 2015. Hilbright Science College is also accredited to offer City and Guilds curriculum at all its centres. Students at Hilbright produce electrical gadgets and chemicals such as detergents (toilet cleaner, hand wash and dishwasher) used by the institution as part of psychomotor skills development.


Hilbright Science College is the market leader in offering a curriculum with pure sciences from Form 1 thereby laying a strong foundation for young students to tackle sciences at higher levels. Currently the institution is expanding by constructing, in, Harare; New Marimba; the first science based primary school in Zimbabwe.


Recently Hilbright Science College has launched the National Science Education Development Trust (NaSEDT), an organisation that is spearheading science education development in Zimbabwe through resource mobilisation and the establishment of science centres throughout the country.