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Paint Hilbright Campaign

Dear Hilbright Alumni Member

Warm greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! It is indeed with great pleasure that we communicate with you wherever you are in the four corners of the Earth.

Background Information

We have good news for you! Hilbright Science College continues to grow in leaps and bounds, and in all facets! We now have four campuses, three in Harare and one in Vumba near Mutare. The Vumba campus which is a large boarding school in a beautiful resort was opened in January this year and construction of facilities is on-going. Upon completion the project will have a 720-student boarding secondary school and an 810-student boarding primary school. In addition to the four campuses we also now have a junior school, Hilbright Science College Junior in Mutare city with Harare following shortly.


On the academic front, we continue to lead the pack. For two years running, 2016 and 2017, Hilbright dominated the annual Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards Ceremonies. Our students scooped the best results (highest mark in Zimbabwe) in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, AS English, Accounting, Business and best across three A-level subjects for two consecutive years! This is fantastic! Glory to the Highest God! Kindly refer to articles by the students here


We’re also inviting our dear alumni to prepare articles outlining their journey from Hilbright Science College to where they are now. It may inspire someone to follow their dreams.


One thing is clear: our students (and you’re one of them) are outstanding performers: at institutions of higher learning, at workplaces and in society. And this is courtesy of a unique system of spiritual, academic and moral upbringing embraced by the college since its inception from humble beginnings in 2007. In this regard you will immediately recall the G&C sessions at the school, isn’t it? Indeed we are proud of our products. Of course, there could be a few black sheep, we can’t deny that. But even Christ, our example, had Himself a black sheep in Judas Iscariot. I recall Him saying “Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?” (John 6:70) We hope you are not a black sheep dear, Hilbright Alumni member.

The Hilbright Family

It is amazing how the Hilbright family has grown! Almost every country on the face of the earth has aformer Hilbright student. “Be fruitful and multiply!” (Gen 1:22) And we now have a few Alumni members with PhDs! Great accomplishments have been brought by these extraordinary children!

Tenth Anniversary

Hilbright Science College was duly registered as a school in July 2008. Thus, July 2018 marked our tenth year of service to humanity. However, due to a number of constraints, we could not arrange tenth-anniversary celebrations last year. We intend to do so this year. Please be sure to take part in planning and celebrating the achievements of your school.

The Paint Hilbright Campaign

We wish to warmly invite you personally to participate in this grand and exciting project. We would like to paint all the buildings at four of the five Hilbright Centres: Eastlea, Avondale, Marlborough, and Mutare. For the Vumba School all the building are new and therefore no re-painting is needed. The painting process is planned for May 2019. To this end, we are kindly requesting a donation in cash from every former student of Hilbright Science College, from the pioneer students to the current students— whoever is willing. We have approached a reputable paint company in Zimbabwe, Nashpaints to do the fix-and-supply job for us. They are very excited about the project. They have offered us a 25% discount on the project. Please find below quotations for the various campuses. Please note that the quotations are in USD and not in bond notes or RTGS dollars.

How To Participate In The Project

In order to participate, if you are in Zimbabwe, simply visit any Nashpaints and deposit your cash with them under PAINT HILBRIGHT CAMPAIGN, get a receipt and send your proof of payment and your personal details to our marketing team by email or WhatsApp. Please send to the following address and number: or WhatsApp numbers +263 773 525 858 (Rujeko) or +263 774 440 309 (Victor)

If you are outside Zimbabwe, please make a transfer of your contribution directly into Nashpaints accounts (account details and totals are listed in this letter) or send through Western Union to Victor Gurwe Address: 128 King George Road Avondale, ID Number: 63-1349554 P 47. Then forward your personal details and the proof of payment to Hilbright marketing team as above. Please note that any amount highly appreciated.

Please note, also, that Nashpaints will only start painting any given centre if the amount quoted is fully paid.

Banking Details

NB: Quotation is subject to change due to the surface of the walls but the adjustment will not be more than 10% E & O E. Quotation inclusive of 15% VAT. ALL PRICES QUOTED IN UNITED STATES DOLLARS

Bank details - RTGS 
Bank details - FCA 
TOTAL$ 24,987.98

Networking Opportunity

As a school, we are going to use the project as an opportunity to update our alumni membership and to promote interaction and networking amongst our former students. We will, therefore, request all participating alumni members to provide relevant personal details about themselves which they would like the other members to know. We will use various social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote networking among members who are working, who are still at higher institutions of learning and those still at Hilbright.


It is our sincere hope that you will decide to take part in this great and noble project. God bless you


Pardon Mugari

Chief servant