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Are you looking for an institution where your child or you are guaranteed of success? I mean success in it’s holistic sense? Success academically, socially, spiritually and morally? You have just stumbled upon one. Boasting of four high-flying campuses in the country, Hilbright Science College is the perfect recipe for a well-rounded, responsible, confident and God-fearing scholar.


At Eastlea Campus we are proud to announce that the Chaplaincy Department has been out and about in its endeavour to make an indelible mark on the lives of the youngsters that have been entrusted under our custodianship.Spiritually enriching programmes have been held with the major highlight in the term on being the week of spiritual emphasis held by the academically appealing Engineer M.Machando.This culminated in a baptism which was conducted at our Avondale Campus.The icing was topped by the Chief Servant himself who followed up with another power filled week of spiritual emphasis early second term.


The general spiritual atmosphere is on a high and a drive towards campus cleanliness and courtesy has reached fever pitch. We have successfully lobbied parents to sponsor their kids for our annual trip and this year (after the successful Durban trip last year) we are going to Dubai! Yes Dubai. Trips do not come this big.


That aside, our teams are promising fireworks on the 22nd of June when we play host to Mutare and the other three campuses for our intercollege sports.It has always been the chaplaincy’s mandate to ensure “Jack also has play time” Representatives from renowned International Universities have graced the campus and done meaningful marketing which also has given our students exposure and direction pertaining to their areas of study.This has always had an effect on students’ performance


Once again, we say welcome to the school were “fruitfulness and multiplication is guaranteed”. (Gen 1:28)


God bless you. Amen